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Good day Recreation Committee, Human Resource Department, Admin Team, D&D Committee,

The day is finally here, when you have been assigned the important task of organising your company’s annual D&D or Company Dinner and the first of many headaches of all to come will be, “What theme shall this year’s event be?”. How would each theme look like, would it be suitable for us? 

I hope this article allows you to have some visualisation of how each theme will be and you can tick one task off the long list of to-do for your events planning!

You may be wondering why it is important to have a theme for your event. Well, it creates cohesion, sets excitement and also allows employees to look back at photos and remember the night. What is a good theme for an event? You may ask, well you are in luck today, as I will be covering suitable themes for all different types of events.

Corporate Dinner and Dance Theme 

“The Star In You” 


      • Overall, “The Star In You” theme is about celebrating the uniqueness and potential of each individual, while fostering a sense of empowerment, inspiration, and unity among attendees. It’s a theme that shines bright and leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved.

      • For decor wise, create a starry ambiance with twinkling lights, celestial decorations, and perhaps even a starry backdrop for photo opportunities. Incorporate elements like gold and silver accents to add a touch of glamour.



        • The word Retrolicious is derived from 2 words ‘RETRO & DELICIOUS’

        • It will be a night where we bring in time to the good old retro days while you enjoy the delicious banquet! This is also an evergreen D&D theme that many can enjoy and can be easily dressed up in.

        • Choose a versatile venue that you can deck out with memorabilia spanning from the ’50s to the early 2000s.

        • When it comes to décor, embrace the retro vibes of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s! Stick to 1-2 main theme colors to tie everything together seamlessly. Let’s take a nostalgic trip through the decades with your event space!

      “Old Hollywood meets Shanghai Nights’’ 


          • A night of Glamour and Intrigue. Step into a bygone era where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood intertwine with the allure of Shanghai’s vibrant nightlife. Get ready for an enchanting evening filled with elegance, sophistication, and a touch of East-meets-West allure.

          • Incorporate entertainment that reflects the theme, such as live jazz bands, traditional Chinese musicians, or dancers performing classic Hollywood routines with a Shanghai twist. You could even hire a mixologist to craft cocktails inspired by both cultures.

          • To bring this theme to life, adorn your venue with Art Deco accents, Chinese lanterns, and vintage movie posters. Create a red carpet entrance with paparazzi-style photographers to welcome guests in true Hollywood fashion. Serve a fusion menu featuring dishes from both cultures, and set up themed lounges where guests can mingle and enjoy the glamorous ambiance.

        “The Enchanted Garden’’


            • Why The Enchanted Garden? Because it offers a captivating escape from the ordinary, transporting guests to a realm where fantasy meets reality. Here, lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and twinkling fairy lights create an ambiance of serenity and mystery, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

            • To bring The Enchanted Garden to life, transform your venue into a magical wonderland. Adorn the space with cascading vines, blooming flowers, and twinkling lights to recreate the allure of a secret garden hidden away from the world. Add touches of whimsy with ethereal décor elements like fairy figurines, enchanted lanterns, and mystical creatures peeking out from among the foliage.

          “Around the World’’


              • For this theme concept, we want to bring you “Around The World” to as many countries as we can in one evening to let you relive the excitement of travelling again!

              • Highlight regions where your international offices are based to foster a deeper connection for guests from across the globe.

              • Explore a variety of hired entertainment options, from lively salsa dancers to timeless mimes.

            “Glitz and Glamour Night’’


                • A night for your much deserving colleagues to dress up and enjoy an evening of wonderful indulgence.

                • The perfect way to celebrate and enjoy ourselves after a year of hard work.

              “Back to School’’


                  • Get ready to be transported back to the halls of academia, where memories were made and friendships forged. Dust off those varsity jackets, dig out your favourite plaid skirts, and prepare for a night of retro fun and unforgettable experiences.

                “Fluo Party” 


                    • Enter a whole new world of fun and entertainment that is filled with vibrant colours and EDM music that will send you PARTYING the night away!

                    • It is an eye-catching theme and most importantly, it is an easy to dress up theme!

                  “Blast from the Past”

                  Blast From the Past KV


                      • Whenever we look back in time to the past to the olden days what is that one thing that strikes us the most? It is always about that thick nostalgic feeling of familiarity, the warmth of human interaction amongst neighbours that we termed it as ‘Kampung Spirit’ and we often refer to the past as ‘The Good Days’.

                    ”Cosplay/ Cartoon Night”

                    Transport attendees back to their childhood with a cartoon-themed event! Encourage everyone to dress up as beloved characters or bring a meaningful item for show-and-tell. To add a corporate twist, tie the theme to session topics for relevance and engagement. Let’s turn nostalgia into networking and fun!

                    For an in-person event, deck out your venue with cartoon-inspired decorations and add some character cutouts for photo ops. Keep the theme alive with vibrant and playful snacks like cotton candy or popcorn served in cute paper cones.

                    Going virtual? Spruce up your online event with colourful backgrounds and cartoon avatars for attendees. Send out cartoon props and character masks for the virtual photo booth, along with some nostalgic snacks to munch on. Let’s turn your event into a cartoon wonderland, whether in person or online!

                    Appreciation Events 

                    “Stars of ‘company name’’’


                        • As the theme suggest, this night or event is to celebrate the stars who made this night or event possible. It is to show appreciation towards those.

                      “Gratitude Gala Dinner’’


                          • Gratitude is a powerful emotion that fosters positivity, connection, and appreciation. A Gratitude Gala provides an opportunity to celebrate and express gratitude for various aspects of life, including achievements, relationships, and blessings. It encourages attendees to reflect on what they’re thankful for and to share that gratitude with others. In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to pause and acknowledge the things we’re grateful for can have a profound impact on well-being and happiness.

                          • To bring this theme to life, you can have decors such as interactive ”Thank You Wall” for guests to write thank you notes to show their gratitude.

                        “Superheroes Night”

                        Celebrate your industry superheroes by inviting attendees to unleash their inner hero or villain! Whether in person or virtually, honour the outstanding individuals in your company who go above and beyond.


                            • For an in-person event, transform your venue into Gotham City with black and green streamers and “wanted” posters of famous villains. Set up a city skyline photo booth for epic action poses and social media shares.

                            • Going virtual? Create an interactive cityscape for attendees to explore between sessions. Send out superhero swag like capes and masks beforehand, and encourage everyone to dress up for a Marvel versus DC debate during networking. Let’s make this event a heroic adventure to remember!

                          Family Day 


                              • This type of event is always lively and engaging. Therefore the theme has to suit the ambience of the event.

                            “Bring back the Kampong Spirit”


                                • The kampung spirit refers to the sense of community, camaraderie, and mutual support found in traditional village life. By choosing this theme, the company aims to foster a similar sense of unity and togetherness among employees and their families.

                                • Transform the event venue into a charming “kampung” setting with rustic decorations such as bamboo, coconut leaves, and traditional handicrafts. Set up communal areas with mats or low tables where families can gather and socialize.

                                • Offer a variety of traditional games and activities that promote teamwork, friendly competition, and family bonding. This could include games like “congkak” (a traditional Southeast Asian marble game), “batu seremban” (five stones), or “gasing” (spinning tops). You could also organize cultural performances, storytelling sessions, or craft workshops that showcase traditional skills and crafts.

                              “Elitez Greatest Show’’


                                  • A surefire way to create a fun, entertaining, and inclusive experience that brings employees and their families together for a day of laughter, excitement, and celebration.

                                  • This is one very family-friendly theme that all ages can enjoy.

                                  • For activities, bring in a roaming magician or balloon artist, set up classic games like ring toss, and don’t forget a photo booth for guaranteed fun!

                                  • As for décor, if a big-top tent isn’t in the cards, opt for circus-inspired patterns, lots of bulb lights, and vibrant colors to set the festive mood. Let’s turn your event into a carnival extravaganza!

                                Of course EVERY Event is unique in each own way and even a corporate dinner and dance event can be themed ”XXX Greatest Show”. It totally depends on what theme you prefer and no doubt we can help you relate the theme to your event itself!

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