(Elitez FMCG) Storefront Strategies: Driving In-Store Conversions

Ever wondered what really drives shoppers to make purchasing decisions in-store? Let’s delve into the fascinating world of in-store conversion and uncover the secrets behind turning browsers into buyers!

I will be covering the different types of in-store conversion for today’s blog.

First up we have “Push”.

This refers to a marketing strategy where retailers actively promote or “push” products towards customers to encourage immediate purchases. This refers to only having promoters with promotion mechanisms such as having discounts or price off. The goal of push in-store conversion is to influence consumer behaviour and drive sales by creating a sense of urgency or excitement around the product, prompting customers to make impulsive buying decisions.

Secondly will be Instore sampling.

In-store sampling conversion refers to the process of converting shoppers who have tried samples of a product in a retail environment into actual purchasers. This conversion typically occurs when consumers are offered the opportunity to sample a product for free or at a discounted price while shopping in a store.

There are 2 types of sampling:
“Dry Sampling”

This refers to a marketing technique where consumers are offered the opportunity to try out or sample a product directly in a retail environment without the need for any preparation or additional supplies. This type of sampling typically involves providing small portions or servings of the product for consumers to taste, touch, or experience firsthand. Consumers can also bring home the sample and use later.
“Wet Sampling”

This refers to a marketing technique where consumers are offered the opportunity to try out a product that is cooked or prepared on the spot. Such as having induction cookers, toothpicks, spoons, cups etc. For this type of sampling, it is essential that the promoter has Food & Hygiene Certification as they will be handling food.

Both sampling can have promotion mechanisms such as premiums and price off as well. The booth usually would be 1 x 1m space with a promoter. It is an effective strategy for driving in-store conversion by allowing shoppers to interact with the product in a low-risk setting, leading to increased interest, engagement, and ultimately, purchase behavior.

Thirdly is the Instore Roadshow.

Energiser Roadhsow

An in-store roadshow is a marketing event or promotional campaign that takes place within a retail environment, typically hosted by a brand or product manufacturer. Unlike traditional roadshows that travel to different locations, an in-store roadshow is focused on engaging consumers directly within a specific retail space. This area is often strategically located to attract the attention of shoppers and maximise foot traffic. An Instore Roadshow is set up in a dedicated area or booth which can be 3 x 3m or up to 6 x 6m. The promotion mechanics are broken up into 2 types:

Instant Gratification – refers to the immediate fulfilment of desires or needs. In the context of an in-store roadshow, this approach focuses on providing consumers with immediate rewards or benefits to encourage immediate action, such as making a purchase. The goal of instant gratification tactics is to capitalise on consumers’ desire for immediate rewards and incentives to drive impulse purchases and increase sales during the roadshow event. An example can be having Gachapon, Plinko or Tikam Board for games to attract the attention of consumers.

Delay Gratification – involves postponing immediate rewards in favour of achieving larger, long-term goals or benefits. In the context of an in-store roadshow, this approach focuses on building anticipation and creating value over time to encourage sustained engagement and loyalty. The goal of delayed gratification tactics is to cultivate a deeper relationship with consumers, foster brand loyalty, and encourage repeat business beyond the immediate event. An example would be buying products to reach a certain cost to be eligible for a lucky draw to win a car or TV.

Instore roadshows can be engaged by sampling and trial of the company’s products.

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